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When do you need to amplify? Proper use of a pre-amplifier can do wonders for an antenna installation. However, you must be careful, because too much amplification can cause overload, resulting in no signal at all. More amplification is not always better. The sole purpose of an amplifier is to offset signal loss due to long cable runs (over 75'), splitters, multiple TVs or other factors. Click the amplifier names below to view specific information for each amplifier. Open them one at a time, or open them all to compare.

Button 10G201 Pre-Amplifier

10G201 Amplifier

Button 10G221 Pre-Amplifier with separate VHF and UHF antenna inputs

10G221 Amplifier

Button 10G202 Pre-Amplifier

10G202 Amplifier

Button 10G222 Pre-Amplifier with separate VHF and UHF antenna inputs

10G222 Amplifier

Button 10G212 Pre-Amplifier

10G212 Amplifier

Button DCB1 DC Voltage Block

10G212 Amplifier