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Antennacraft's VHF/UHF/FM All-Channel Antennas for *RF Channels 2-69

Are you in a broadcast area that still uses all *RF channels from 2-69? If so,a traditional all-band antenna is still the right one to use.

Click the antenna names below to view specific information for each all-channel antenna series. Open them one at a time, or open all of them to compare.

 HD Heavy-Duty Antennas:  HD1850, HD1800, HD1200, HD850

CCS Antennas:  CCS1843

CCS Antennas

Colorstar Antennas:  C490, C290

Colorstar Antennas

Economy Antennas:  5884, AC9


*RF is the real radio frequency that television stations broadcast on. These RF channels are used in selecting an antenna. The virtual .1 channel is the one you remember from the pre-digital transition, and is used to remember the "old" analog tv channel. To see your RF channels and virtual .1 channels, go to and input your zip code.