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Antennacraft Amplified Antennas provide an alternative to traditional style antennas. With an installation of our Mini-State antenna, HDX1000 or 5MS921, you can have a modern antenna profile that fits well into any surroundings. They can be installed in many locations, such as roof, attic, wall, rail, closet, apartment, RV or boat.

Button HDview360 Mini-State Antenna System with RF Remote

Button HDX1000 Directional Antenna

Button 5MS921 Omni-Directional Antenna

*RF is the real radio frequency that television stations broadcast on. These RF channels are used in selecting an antenna. The virtual .1 channel is the one you remember from the pre-digital transition, and is used to remember the "old" analog tv channel. To see your RF channels and virtual .1 channels, go to and input your zip code.